Delivery Information


About Pre-Ordering

  • You must register an Account in order to purchase
  • Delivery takes 1-2 weeks
  • Payment is Cash Only - 50% Deposit is taken for Reservation.
  • Once you have given a deposit, we will send you an E-Mail or SMS to confirm the order.
  • We will contact you when the item has reached our facility and is ready for pickup.
  • You cannot cancel item once deposited unless If you'd like to cancel your pre-order, then 25% of your deposit will be taken as a cancellation fees.

Steps to Shop Online

  1. You register an Account with us
  2. Fill in your Details - Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Country & City is very important information for registration purposes
  3. You will be notified by e-mail once your account has been activated, It may take 24-72 hours
  4. Once Account has been activated, you can start making orders
  5. Enjoy Shopping